Why The Glass Company? The aim of The Glass Company is to become the top glass recycling company in the UK! Not only are we doing great things for the planet, but we are also planning to donate a percentage of what we earn every quarter to Wokingham Borough Council. This is to provide WBC with additional funds to help out other residents in the borough and hopefully, in future, the wider community!

Doorstep Collection: What we ask is that you leave your container outside your house the night before the collection date, just like you would with your normal recycling.

Where we operate: We currently operate throughout the Wokingham Borough, however this is just the beginning. We are on the lookout for other Councils that would benefit from our services across the South!

Collection Information: Depending on your postcode, you will be given a selected date when you sign up. In case you forget we are coming, we will send you a text the day before as a gentle reminder that we will be there in the morning! FAQ: What date will my monthly subscription come out? Answer – The date you purchased your subscription is the date you will be charged from every month.

Are there any glass products The Glass Company can’t take? Answer - Yes, we are unable to take mirrors, Pyrex glass and light bulbs.

What happens to my Glass once you have collected it? Answer – We work with local organisations to help recycle all of the glass collected at local recycling plants across the borough.

How do I cancel my subscription? Answer - As sad as it will be to see you go, if you would like to cancel your subscription, all you need to do is email in with your address and name. Then the following month, we will come round and pick up your glass up one final time.